Looking for information about revenue maps?

REAL Maps understands the importance of providing effective real estate solutions. We are striving to provide them under one umbrella.

REAL provides a consolidated report generated immediately upon payment for Karnataka Land Records (RTC Bhoomi& RTC Pahani). A Sample REAL Report provides an array of information regarding a particular survey no. along with a map where that particular survey no. is highlighted along with adjoining survey numbers.

A few advantages of REAL Maps:

  1. Reduce travel time
  2. Better way of communication
  3. Detailed understanding of land properties
  4. Entire data of district available at any time
  5. Role based authentication
  6. Access data from anywhere any time
  7. Custom data management

We aim to redefine your process of looking for land related documents and aim to make it simpler, effective and reliable.

"Make smarter decisions with REAL."