Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh

Looking for information about 1-B and village map?

REAL Maps understands the importance of providing effective real estate solutions. We are striving to provide them under one umbrella.

REAL provides a consolidated report which is generated in a short span of time for Andhra Pradesh Land Records (MEE-BHOOMI). A Sample REAL Report provides a report which consists of a variety of information regarding a particular survey no. along with a map where that particular survey number is highlighted along with adjoining survey numbers.

An array of details about a particular survey number is provided by REAL Maps along with furnishing information regarding distances from the approach road or highways and measurement of the area of the plot.

Smart Search allows the user to interact with maps with just a few clicks. Inputting the taluka/village and land survey number can help users yield the desired information.

These features will help you make all your land related decisions simpler, effective and reliable.

"Make smarter decisions with REAL."