Looking for information about Khasra Nakal?

REAL Maps understands the importance of providing effective real estate solutions. We are striving to provide them under one umbrella.

REAL provides a consolidated report which is generated in a short span of time for Haryana Land Records (Jamabandi.NIC). A Sample REAL Report provides a report which consists of a variety of information regarding a particular murba and khasra no. along with a map (khasranaksha) where that particular khasra no. is highlighted along with adjoining murba (survey) numbers.

Features of REAL Maps:

  1. REAL is a SaaS model GIS application.
  2. The database in REAL for the state is available with drilled down from Districts, Taluka, Gram Panchayat, Villages to Survey Boundaries.
  3. Overlaid with the satellite imagery.
  4. First of its kind GIS based project management tool.
  5. Can be integrated to the different software applications.
  6. Customizable to the domain specific requirements.

We are here to simplify your method of looking for land related documents and seek to make it more effective and reliable.

"Make smarter decisions with REAL."