Scams in real estate and how to verify them.

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The land sector is developing at a quick stage in India, as are the tricks and scams associated with it. Land-related data is spread across India in various government and non-government organisations. In the state like Madhya Pradesh, RTC Pahani is used to get land records. With such tremendous quantities of states and study numbers, it ends up being continuously hard for an individual and expert to find the relevant application which gives combined information.

One critical issue various customers face is title swindles. Such fakes can happen to anyone, property buyers or the sellers. In some cases, con artist attempt to sell the land by showing fake area, location and with convenient transportation. Regardless, you may discover later that it is something different, far from the said locality, neighbourhood and everything else. Therefore, it is essential to check the exact location of the land before making any investment. And most importantly, take caution and collect all the important documents before you plan to invest in a particular property.

Luckily, software such as REAL is of great help when it comes in collecting relevant data. It gives a united report of a specific Survey number alongside abutting overview numbers, town, Taluka and District with a solitary snap and a quicker TAT. If you are searching for Khasra Khatauni Bhunaksha you will get a complete overview of land details in a consolidated report. Likewise, your information is incorporated and available over the web from wherever with a decent internet connection. By using REAL one can verify that Madhya Pradesh land records are latest and are always updated, giving a clear picture of your land.

In some cases, it is additionally hard for a client to comprehend whether the land offered falls in any exceptional classification, for example, government land, farmland or private land. The best way to know the infringement is to confirm the land which includes numerous means and henceforth making it tedious.

One of the key advantages of REAL software is that it allows you to pay as per the search making it affordable and a reliable source. So for ‘khasra naksha mp’ you will be only charged for that particular survey number.

REAL empowers the consumer with all the land-related information and protects him from any type of land encroachments. Moreover, your data can be downloaded in a physical form for a better record.

This software is used by many individuals in different fields like real estate agents, industrialist, builders, bankers, farmers etc. Digitalization of property identification along with other details makes it the only company in this business. With the availability of such software, it is easier and faster to access the data online. Moreover, the data is taken from the government site making the software highly reliable and genuine.


What makes REAL better software:

  1. Search through survey number, village, taluka or district

  2. Locate nearby geographical  landmarks

  3. Distance from land to roads and water bodies passing by

  4. Latitude-longitude for exact location

  5. The area in an acre, sqm, hectare

  6. GIS data analytical model 

  7. Land records and owners details

  8. Data from government sites

  9. Customizable as per the requirement


How to access REAL maps

Go to the website ‘’ and enter your registered mobile number and password to log in.


How to use the software

  1. Draw temporary line shape over the map

  2. Use polygon to highlight the area 

  3. Calculate area in desired measurements such as acres, square meter or hectors

  4. Calculate distance from one point to another on the map

  5. Get the elevation by clicking on the selected area

  6. One can also zoom in and zoom out for a better view of the land.

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