How to find land records in India?

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Finding out who owns the land can be tough. While property registration systems exist in almost all countries, information quality and availability change greatly.

Administration of India has begun different sites, for example, National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRMP) to mechanize Record of Rights (RoR), Registration Process and different exercises. Under NLRMP many states have started providing RoR online through their web portals. For the state of Madhya Pradesh, we have “Bhuabhilekh – MP Land Records”.  But the digitization of land records is not usually in a consolidated form, necessitating it to fetch the data in a physical way.

Besides relying on government records, there are sites such as REAL maps India which can provide with a complete digitalised record of property details and land measurements in a simple few steps. This information gives a macro picture of the land along RoR,  khasra nakal mp and elevation of the land. The software is fast and easily accessible at any time of the day.

This website provides Khasra Khatauni MP records for more than 50 districts with 360 tehsils comprising of around 51,929 villages in the state of Madhya Pradesh alone.

REAL as a SaaS model derives its unique offerings from the technological fusion of GIS with cloud computing. Records such as MP Bhulekh, Khasra Khatauni Bhunaksha are available.  For example, if someone from Maharashtra is looking for land records Madhya Pradesh he/she can easily get all the data in a click of a button.

Real estate brokers, banks, insurance companies find such information helpful as they get an overview of the land before visiting it personally. So, in a few basic information, one can identify not only who owns a property, but also what the elevation and the surrounding of the property has.

Individuals concerned with land rights issues also find it useful to locate the property using an intelligent GIS data analytical model to create an overview of the land.

Here are some simple steps to get your land record details:

Step 01:

Go to the website and enter your registered mobile number and password to log in.


Post login, to generate a new report you can select the State, District, Taluka, Village and Survey number from the drop-down box. And click on add to cart button to proceed with your property identification report request.

STEP 02.2

You can add multiple property identification reports to the cart and select the number of reports you want to proceed forward with the payments. You can make the payment through PayU money or Paytm payment gateways.


After your payment is successful the reports will be available in the “archived” section. You can download the reports, view the map on the satellite image and share the location through KML.


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