Here’s how the digitisation of records will help you.

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Looking for land records in India requires knowledge of ‘where’ and ‘how’ to get the documents from. For States like Andhra Pradesh, there are portals such as MeeBhoomi to check land details like ROR- 1B, AP Andangal. Most often such details are provided by the local offices, real estate brokers or lawyers.

The land records are the official records of the landowner and hold a great value while selling or buying any property. Along with the land records, it is important to know the land boundaries, location, known as the ‘cadaster’ maps. Such information is usually kept in different departments of land officials, which are usually time-consuming to get.

Technology such as GIS (Geographic Information System) plays a major role in finding accurate and reliable data. REAL being a GIS solution provides such facilities which are safer and efficient in the collection of land data experience. It combines location data and geographical data to draw meaningful insights and to identify property details from a far distance. Over time REAL maps has gone through an evolution to compete against major disruptions going on in the real estate industry.

The availability analytics platform, it gets convenient for the buyer and seller to analyse the land and get a consolidated report sitting miles away from the particular land. This mainstreaming of location and positioning of specific data not only ushered technological revolution but also helps to reduce the crime related to property. 

Such clarity about the land ownership and nearby location gives a clear picture of the place one is planning to trade or invest in. It covers the details such as area measurements, land location, elevation, satellite images and much more. Receiving all these details single-handed makes the software ‘REAL maps’ highly useful. It makes all the land-related transaction fearless.

The digitalised details erase any perplexity about the land of interest to identify whether it is private or reserved. Online records give the surety, keeping the land safe from the encroachers.

In India, various cases have been registered where finding the inheritance of land gets difficult causing major disputes within the buyer and the seller of the property. Detailed information about such land would likely reduce property infringement automatically. It will also save time and energy which are otherwise spent on travelling to different departments like revenue officials or takathis. 

All this information is available in a single click of a button, with a small part of the input for example; one can get detail of a particular land by inputting the correct ‘survey number’. For the state of Andhra Pradesh, one can get detailed information of AP Adangal, MeeBhoomi, ROR 1-B; one can also find information such as area measurements, elevation, log and lat, nearby water bodies, etc.

Most importantly, digitisation of land records gives transparency which further helps an individual make an efficient decision about buying and selling of land. REAL has been of great use in sectors such as BFSI, retail, infrastructure, etc. Besides providing conclusive titles and quickening of the data collection it also provides advancement in maps by pinpointing the exact location.


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