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Madhya Pradesh is the second-largest Indian state, spread across the area of 308,252 km² and 52 districts. With the state’s growth potential in commercial activities and agriculture, it has become a prime spot for land speculation.

Real makes it highly convenient to access the land records of the state, including its bhulekh, khasra nakal and khasra naksha. MP bhulekhl is a record extracted from the district’s revenue department and gives detailed information on the type of land in that particular district. Khasra is a specific region within the district, marked by a number, called the khasra number, according to which the details are recorded. In addition to this, Land records Madhya Pradesh is also accessible which contains documented information on the ownership, exact location and size of the area.

These records and related information is gathered from government sources and in combination with the latest GIS software, a consolidated report of the area is created that provides details on its spread in square meters, vegetation, ownership etc. The report is not only accessible for viewing but can be downloaded and shared for increased convenience. The software used for khasra naksha MP identification and detailing also uses Google maps and Google satellite view to give even finer details of the land including, its distance and feasibility from national highways, roads, nearby water bodies, details of its elevation from the sea level, latitude and longitude.

Once a user is logged in, they can attain the land records of any area within the country to know whether the land is suitable for investment or procurement for future use. They can also understand the exact demographics as Real bridges the gap between satellite images and actual distances which helps in analyzing, planning and strategizing as a potential real estate investor. The ease of access makes it a cutting-edge system which can also be integrated with different software applications and can be customized to fit the needs of specific domains.

For instance, a user searching for the khasra naksha mp and khatauni of Vidisha district in Madhya Pradesh could generate a report of the area with a step by step process and download the report. With another click, a live street view of the district will be available as well. This will also include the Khasra number through which the user can search for its land features, and the details of its ownership, which are directly derived from reliable and official records made by government organisations. With this advanced software, it is easy to find real distances from the comfort of their computer and device screens.

The system provides reliable information as it not only takes into consideration official records and satellite mapping but also takes into account the latest data used by aviation and real estate industries. The software brings to the plate a well-knit report of numbers and facts which aid the user in making a well-informed decision. It also provides certain project management features that further simplify the decision-making process.  

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