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It is quite often that numerous individuals face issues with property reports and reliability for the zone. This, for the most part, happens as a result of the poor organization and the executives of the subtleties. Along these lines, with extending access to development, numerous organizations have begun to digitize everything including the property enrollment procedure and region reports subtleties. Thusly, a property buyer would now have the option to check and affirm every one of the records in the blink of an eye. 

This procedure is a significant voyage towards the destruction of any deceitful identified with property archives. The details are sourced from Mee Bhoomi AP giving it authentication, which has been confirmed and guaranteed by the authorities before making an electronic database as the main wellspring of land records.

These records are accessible from REAL software, where one can log in and can fetch the data whenever and wherever. This could spare pointless trips to the administration workplaces to get the ideal data. Enlisted clients can get all the data, for instance, Land records Andhra Pradesh can be obtained by merely entering the survey number without any human intervention. The essential clients in the REAL modules are the Bhoomi Operator, Shirestedar, Revenue Departments like banks and loan providers, Land buyers and sellers, and Village Accountant. 

The land details such as ROR 1-B are provided along with nearby landmarks, network accessibility information (roadways, water bodies), Geographical Information (latitude & longitude, Elevation), Satellite Map of survey numbers and much more.

Here are a few upsides of digitized land records: 

  1. The online database enables inhabitants to see property show up records and get genuine status. Additionally, they can cross-check the territory status through the maps set up showing the ground condition and can bring their issues up in case of any mistake. 

  2. The structure of the software intends to complete a land-titling system with title guarantee to verify records and making them consciously planned. The objective is in like manner to give occupants exact locale information under a single window, with an assertion of data reliability. Encumbrances and fakes in the issuance of copies will moreover be under check. 

  3. Digitization clears out chances of any grievance caused because of adjournments, it will similarly ensure smooth help and updates in the state databases. 

  4. Land use configuration, deciding whether the territory is away from the water body, street or particular region, longitude and elevation of the area. 

To conclude, REAL (Real Estate Analysis and Lookup) is a promising software that helps tackle land-related issues to ensure smooth buying and selling of the land. It is the only software that allows you a digital request dashboard making the process foolproof and convenient to the users.


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